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August 11, 2014 by Joe Ness

glam design

Source: My Fancy House

What Is Glam Interior Design?

Glam interior design is vastly different from styles like country or shabby chic, yet it steals liberally from art deco, mid-century modern, and even industrial styles (just to name a few). It gives a hotel, restaurant, or lounge an ultra-elegant glow, whether you use luxe, high-end pieces dripping with crystals or wildly eccentric feathers straight off a Vegas showgirl. That’s the beauty of glamorous interiors: They’re easily tailored to fit various styles, from dramatic rockstar to old-world diva.

Today we’ll look at four flavors of glamorous design — Hollywood Glam, Old-World Glam, Vintage Glam, and Cutting-Edge Glam — and show you how to easily incorporate elements you or your client will love.

Read on to get some great interior design inspiration!


Glam Design Hallmarks

Glam design is synonymous with saturated jewel tones, mirrors (and mirrored furniture), eclectic figurines, metallics, richly tufted furniture, patterned wallpaper, and anything fancy. Maximalism is the watchword. If it’s opulent, stunning, or sparkling, you know you’re on the right track. Just look at this glammed up living room:

glamorous interior design - living room

Source: Alchemy Fine Events

But glamorous interior decorating doesn’t have to be stuffy. No one says it needs to look like a hoarding heiress recently vacated the premises. You can tastefully incorporate glamorous influences into an existing decorating style. We’ll give you some ideas to get started. Ready? Let’s start with Tinseltown.

Hollywood Glam

hollywood regency glamor

Source: Apartment Therapy

Hollywood glam, aka 1930s Hollywood Regency, celebrates all the glitz and sequins one can muster. Hollywood-inspired interior design is not merely a feast for the senses — the entire wedding party is invited and a cornucopia overflows with fabrics and textures and patterns. Your toes sink and squish in a thick shag rug as firelight dances off oversized art and brushes its fingertips past a velveteen settee.


Source: Tineke Triggs

It is plush. Elaborate. Indulgent.

Inspirations: Liberace; 1950s film stars like Sophia Loren; anything leopard or zebra print


Source: Pinterest

Shortcut: A black-and-white glamor shot of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn in a gilded frame provides an effortless way to wink at the old greats without going full Madame Tussaud. Or frame an old Vogue cover — eBay’s old magazine issues are a good starting point — to quickly class up a powder room.

Old-World Glam


Source: Interiors By Studio M

Old-world glamor draws liberally from Baroque (rococo), gothic, and Victorian styles. It’s often what first springs to mind when someone says “glam.” The old-world decorating style oozes theatricality and refinement, with ornate chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling gold drapes, and dark wood.

Keep old-world glamor looking fresh instead of outdated with metallics and tasteful splashes of the latest Pantone shades. Teal in particular is an excellent color to pair with staid ivories and tans to keep them from getting musty.


Source: Tobi Fairley

Inspirations: Coco Chanel; Marie Antoinette

Shortcut: Spring for some filigree wallpaper, even if it’s just on an accent wall. Or give a living room, dining room, or bar an embellished touch with heavy gold candlesticks.


Source: Interiors By Studio M

Vintage Glam

vintage glam lighting

Source: DKOR Interiors

The vintage glam design style is a little more rock ‘n’ roll, a little bit bohemian, with a flair for the eccentric. It manages to be retro without looking tired or outdated.

glamorous restaurant

Source: The Novogratz

Several key ingredients for retro glam rooms might be a sheepskin rug (faux or not), a crushed velvet armchair or metal-studded wingback, and anything gold or silver, like a glass coffee table with metallic edges. Add an iconic arc lamp too for good measure!

glam retro lamp

Source: Decoist

Inspirations: Flappers; Twiggy; middle-school physics class

Shortcut: Here’s your excuse to scour estate sales, vintage shops, and flea markets for the perfect outrageous find. If you or your client is on a budget, something as simple as a coat of metallic gold paint can give a tired piece of furniture an instant facelift.

Cutting-Edge Glam

glamorous swimming pool and chandelier

Source: Mod Max Glam

Clutter and kitsch are at home in old-world glamor, but cutting-edge glam is all about clean lines and modern minimalism. Color, size, and sheen are where cutting-edge glam goes all out, rather than texture or trinkets.

Keep things sleek and polished by using mostly neutrals like chrome and white with bold bursts of sunrise tones and cerulean. A tufted chaise lounge in pale gold or icy ivory gives any room an extra sprinkling of glamor.

And needless to say, glamorous Moroccan designs from poufs to wallpaper are exotic, refined, and extremely on-trend right now everywhere from cocktail lounges to cafes.

mod glam restaurant cafe

Source: Carolina Interior Works

Inspirations: Jonathan Adler, the king of quirky, contemporary glam style

Shortcut: A mesh metal curtain from Cascade Coil provides a slinky, hip room divider, or bright color-blocking makes a splash. For a small, quick project with big visual impact, paint a door metallic gold or silver. Or bounce light around with a gilded honeycomb mirror.

cascade coil glam design

Which glam style appeals most to you? Let us know in the comments.

And if you’re ready to use glam metal curtains in your project or home, contact Cascade Coil today.

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