Our Favorite Chain Curtains for Your Home

August 21, 2015 by Joe Ness

Chain Curtain Ideas for Your Home

Chain curtains aren’t just for fancy hotels and commercial buildings. When done right, they can be a sleek, attractive, and practical addition to homes, apartments, and condos.

They add that extra something that takes a home’s style from “nice” to “luxurious.” Plus they can make you more comfortable by helping control the sun’s glare and your home’s temperature.

Let’s look closer.

Why Choose Chain Curtains?

Durability: When chain curtains are well made, they’re much more durable than regular fabric curtains. They’re made of high quality metal and won’t tear.

Great lighting: They’re perfect for any area where you want a little natural light but don’t want to be blinded by direct sunlight. For example, west facing rooms with no window protection can be almost unbearable in the afternoons and around sunset.

Sustainability: Metal curtains are also great for the environment. Not only is the metal we use recyclable, it also helps you save on cooling and heating bills. Our interior window treatments have been shown to reduce energy consumption by up to 5.7%.

Style: Chain curtains look amazing and are surprisingly versatile. Let’s look at a few examples.

Room Divider

Big rooms and studio apartments, can feel sprawling. Chain curtains make great room dividers because they break up the space without cutting off visibility completely.

They let just the right amount of light through and keep your space feeling fresh and open.

chain curtain room divider

Photo: Winter Creative

If you want your open kitchen to feel more like it’s own space, chain curtains are great for that too! Many of us like to leave the dishes until after dinner so we can enjoy our food while it’s still hot. Getting a chain curtain room divider means you don’t have to stare at them while you eat.

We made this coiled wire fabric curtain for for this beautiful home just outside Buffalo, NY.

chain curtain room divider kitchen

Photo: Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Outdoor Curtains

Need a little shade for your balcony or porch, but don’t want to lose that gorgeous view?

Chain curtains let through just the right amount of light so you won’t be blinded, but you can still enjoy the scenery.

outdoor stainless steel wire mesh curtain

Photo: Eggleston Farkas Architects

Minimize Glare

Floor-to-ceiling windows are amazing most of the time — just not when the sun is shining directly at you.

With such beautiful surroundings, this loft’s big windows are perfect. But it receives a lot of direct sunlight. Regular curtains would have fixed that problem but taken away the amazing view. The homeowners had coiled wire fabric curtains installed to stop glare and block the heat from the sun, without losing the view.

chain curtain grand piano

Photo: Cascade Coil

This lake house living room received the same window treatment, which keeps it bright and happy without sacrificing the airy vacation home feel.

chain curtain big windows

Photo: Werner Straube

Bathroom Windows

Natural light is helpful in the bathroom when you’re getting ready in the morning. Things like shaving, putting on makeup, and fixing your hair are much easier with good lighting. But you don’t want to have zero privacy either.

Chain curtains offer the best of both worlds. They let in natural sunlight and protect your privacy better than bare windows. Light colored walls, like the ones in this bathroom, help the curtains do their job by reflecting light into all corners of the room.

metal chain curtain wire mesh bathroom sink

Photo: Swaback Partners, pllc

Panoramic Windows

This circular glass wall creates the perfect indoor/outdoor space. Sometimes you want a little more indoors than outdoors — but you don’t want dark curtains to make the room feel like a cave!

Putting chain curtains on a track means you can open or close them whenever you like. If you need shade or just want to keep the room cool, simply pull them closed. Deep River Partners, designed this space with our coiled wire fabric for that exact purpose:

chain curtain for panoramic windows

Photo: Deep River Partners

Copper Chain Curtains

Want to try something a little different? Why not go with copper? This copper-clad steel coiled wire fabric adds a little color and really warms up the space.

Being up high, this property is also exposed to the elements, so the drapery acts as an effective wind screen too.

copper chain curtains

Photo: Cascade Coil

Shower Curtains

Chain curtains aren’t just for windows and room dividers. They work nicely as shower curtains too.

Elegant and durable, metal shower curtains create a more luxurious, open shower experience. They’re lightweight and they allow more light to enter the shower area. Plus they’re made with high quality, 100% recyclable materials that won’t fade, rust, or stain.

People often worry about water escaping through the coiled wire. The weave size creates a wall that stops the vast majority of water from getting through, plus the material naturally attracts water so it flows down the coils instead of outside the shower.

Also, the steam from the shower naturally warms the aluminum, creating a barrier against cold air. A perfect feature on cold winter mornings.

chain metal mesh shower curtain

Photo: Jacqueline Hosford Interior Design

These are just a few of the many ways to use chain curtains in your home decor. They complement almost any design style, from rustic/industrial to modern/chic.

Want to learn more about our coiled wire fabric drapery? Get in touch today!

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