Our Story

Cascade Coil Drapery began as an idea at Pacific Fence & Wire, founded in 1939.

The concept of woven wire drapery was developed in 1960 by Robert H. Schoenheit, then president of Pacific Fence & Wire Company. After the successful completion of several local Portland installations, Pacific Drapery Walls was created within the company to market the new product.

In April 1987, Ronald Schoenheit formed a new company called Cascade Coil Drapery, Inc. Shortly after its formation, Cascade Coil purchased all of Pacific Drapery Walls’ related assets from Pacific Fireplace. The company developed new weaves and finishes for the product line, and went to market dedicated to introducing the concept to architects, interior designers and other potential beneficiaries of this versatile product.

Now celebrating 27 years of business, Cascade Coil has expanded its manufacturing capabilities by moving into a new location in Tualatin, Oregon. The modern and spacious facility sets the stage for another 20 years of helping to realize the creative vision of architects and designers around the world.

Made in the USA

All Cascade Coil products are manufactured by skilled wire workers at our 32,000 SF factory in Tualatin, Oregon USA. Wire and other component parts are all purchased from American manufacturers, distributors and dealers.

As 95% or more of Cascade Coil products are manufactured to custom specifications, domestic manufacturing and sourcing is a must to assure reliable, quality and timely product delivery. Most of Cascade Coil’s major suppliers have been working with the company for its entire 25-year history. Cascade prefers to have strong, long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with its vendors. When unusual needs come up, Cascade Coil’s vendors respond.

Cascade Coil’s employees are motivated and highly trained. They know the customer is the real boss and individually do everything they can to provide excellent quality and delivery. We are very proud that we manufacture our products in the USA and buy raw material and parts from outstanding domestic suppliers.

Cascade Coil also distributes about 40% of its products globally. We are very pleased that we produce and ship products throughout the world—to the Middle East, China, Mexico, Europe, Australia, etc.

Research and Development

Cascade Coil will continue our research and development efforts to support your success by providing industry leading products and solutions to make us the first choice for the world’s leading architects and designers that demand and appreciate a higher level of service and quality. We look forward to partnering with you as Cascade Coil continues to push the envelope of modern architectural design.

Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

Cascade Coil's contract number is