Cascade Coil has been supplying their woven coil fabrics to zoos and other animal habitats for many years. Zoo keepers have selected our Phantom Mesh® material repeatedly for their habitats requiring a secure yet invisible solution to provide a comfortable living environment for their feathered and furry guests.




Benefits of Using Phantom Mesh®

  • Rodent-proof and vandal resistant
  • Attractive, lightweight and long-lasting
  • Virtually invisible from 10 to 25 feet away
  • Transparency enhances the full detail of project landscaping
  • Easily erected, with heights up to 40 feet; roof spans up to 25 feet
  • Economically attached, invisibly spliced; requires no mullions or frames

Phantom Mesh® offers advantages to the designer and cost savings to the installer. It can also be custom woven to lengths exceeding 40 feet. (Shipping or installation considerations are the only factor limiting the Phantom Mesh® length). Most importantly, Phantom Mesh® can be spliced to infinite widths by joining a section in the field with a single spiral of the material using a simple corkscrew weaving action. This product feature can be a great advantage if repair, replacement, or if extension of a section is necessary.

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Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

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