Colors + Finishes

Phantom Mesh® is available in a variety of corrosion-resistant natural metals. Stainless Steel with an Ultra Black finish is normally our first recommendation. Nylon coated wires are available in a variety of opaque colored finishes but black is primarily used for most applications so the Phantom Mesh® will disappear and enhance the view into the exhibition.

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  • Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel is a highly corrosive-resistant material with a lustrous metallic finish.
  • Ultra Black Stainless SteelUltra Black Stainless Steel
    Ultra Black Stainless Steel is produced by an electrochemical process that darkens the chromium surface of the wire. It is similar to a blued steel finish but black in appearance. The color will not crack fade or haze from UV rays when exposed to the sun. This is not an iron oxidized or phosphate surface treatment that is subject to rusting from exposure in an exterior application.
  • Nylobind Black Nylobind Galvanized Steel
    Standard Nylobind Finishes
    Nylobind Galvanized Steel Wire offers superior corrosion resistance due to a patented duplex layer of galvanized zinc plating and nylon coating. The flexible outer covering comes in a wide variety of 100% opaque colors, including florescent. * The colored coating not only adds great aesthetic appeal but also enhances abrasion resistance, waterproofing and wire smoothness. The plastic coating is available in several material types, including an antimicrobial polymer and the patented Ecobind material. Ecobind is derived from plant-based resources, is 100% compostable and is rated carbon dioxide neutral. This environmentally-friendly, non-toxic coating is ideal for “green” applications.





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