For years Cascade Coil Drapery’s coiled wire fabrics have been popular with architects and interior designers around the world. They are also very popular with the HGTV crowd of consumers that are looking for high quality eye-catching products for their homes. We currently offer two lines of Cascade Home Decor products that are available to consumers:

Fireplace Screens & AccessoriesBPG 640

  • Replacement Mesh, Wands and Batons
  • Airculator Fireplace Heat Exchanger
  • Custom Indoor/Outdoor Recessed Firescreens

Shower Dividers & Accessories

  • Shower Dividers
  • Custom Shower Dividers
  • Decorative Curved Shower Rods
  • Decorative Shower Divider Ball Hooks

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Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

Cascade Coil's contract number is