Blast Mitigation

GuardianCoil® is constructed to prevent loss of life & serious injury while being aesthetically pleasing. GuardianCoil® uses patent-pending technology that includes a metal mesh drapery positioned to catch debris in the event of an explosion that causes a window to implode. The mesh drapery lets natural light into and out of the space while offering unobstructed visibility when looking out. Protection is provided by the mesh drapery as it stretches and encapsulates incoming high speed debris. Its open-weave construction allows the blast air pressure to vent yet absorbs the kinetic energy of the projectile or glass shards, thereby dramatically reducing the threat of injury and death.

Key Features

Superior Strength and Energy Absorption
GuardianCoil® effectively absorbs high-powered energy impacts by collapsing around the projectile, reducing the chance of injury or damage to people and property. It will also catch flying particles and parts from working machinery and testing equipment.

Difficult to Penetrate
Round weave GuardianCoil® offers superior resistance to penetration by projectiles. To penetrate, the item must first flatten the wire mesh in all directions at the point of impact. In doing this the projectile loses energy.

Design Advantages and Installation Savings
Custom manufacturing of GuardianCoil® facilitates design advantages in determining solutions to explosion threat situations and offers installation cost savings. The relative low weight of GuardianCoil® minimizes structural support requirements.

Fireproof and Virtually Maintenance-Free
Oil, grease and other liquids will not be absorbed by the fireproof GuardianCoil. The material is very durable. If damaged, sections can be easily removed and replacement sections spliced in at the installation site.

Protects Without Diminishing Work Environment
The appealing aesthetic and variety of finish options add a pleasing architectural element to a work environment. The flow-through design of GuardianCoil® allows light into the work area and does not interfere with ventilation when used as an interior divider.


GuardianCoil® is available in all standard drapery sizes as well as custom sizes. There is no limit on the width and heights can exceed 50 ft. Custom manufacturing facilitates protection for any size window opening, including ceiling-to-floor drapes for complete window structure protection. Since there are no drapery size limitations, GuardianCoil® can also be used as a protective divider to protect interior areas within a building from the effect of potential internal explosive blasts.

GuardianCoil® is available in steel and stainless steel, and in weave sizes from 3/32″ to 1/4″.

Because all GuardianCoil® products meet and/or exceed the GSA testing standard, the weave size is selected based on the desired aesthetics only. GuardianCoil® meets most all architectural requirements including low maintenance, favorable strength-to-weight ratio, resistance to environmental elements, and simple installation. The drapery is also available in a variety of finishes for a seamless integration into existing spaces.

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Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

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