Cascade Coil quotations are based upon dimensions given by the client. While drawings and architectural or engineering plans may be helpful in interpreting the application, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide accurate measurements.

The term “coil length” refers to the length of the wire coil. Under most circumstances, the coil length is also the vertical measurement. In applications such as a banner, where the material is “turned on its side,” the coil length may be the horizontal measurement. For further clarification contact Cascade Coil.

The most common measuring error involves the height of an opening. It is important that this measurement is accurate. Care must be taken to allow for flooring, carpeting or finishes that may not be installed at the time measurements are taken. Deductions for track and floor allowance will be made by Cascade Coil prior to production. If the mesh is too long, it will need to be returned to Cascade Coil where it can be properly cut to size. There is no method for adding length to mesh. If it is too short, the order will need to be rewoven.

Square footage is computed from opening measurements plus fullness rounded-up to even square feet.


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Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

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