Blast Mitigation Certifications

The GSA guideline for glazing system performance, GSA-TS01-2003 and ASTM 1642-96, outlines approved methods for shock tube testing, arena testing and test modeling with software. GuardianCoil® underwent testing in an arena live blast scenario as well as multiple shock tube tests.

Keeping in mind that GuardianCoil® is not designed to keep the window from failing (levels 1 & 2), GuardianCoil® passed the GSA test at a 3b performance condition which is defined as “Glazing cracks. Fragments enter space and land on floor no further than 10 ft. from the window.” At this performance condition the Protection Level is described as High and the Hazard Level as Low. GuardianCoil also passed under UFC 4-010-01 standards (conditions significantly tougher than required under GSA test standards). Described as “Applicable Weights 1 & 2 at Conventional Construction Standoff Distance (6 psi peak pressure, 40 psi-ms impulse length).”

Baker Engineering Test
Applied Research Association Test

Cascade Coil Drapery offers its products under two GSA SIN groups:

56316 Blast Mitigation
56399 Architectural Metal Drapery

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