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Cascade Coil Launches New Websites for All Divisions

Providing Resources, Information, and Photography for All Four Company Divisions

TUALATIN, OR…Cascade Coil, industry-leading manufacturer and innovator of highly sustainable coiled wire fabric systems, is pleased to introduce new websites for each of its four divisions: Architectural, Industrial Safety and Security, Zoological, and Home Decor; in addition to its main corporate site.

The corporate homepage——serves as the online hub for the company’s array of coiled wire fabric solutions across several market segments, giving visitors the option to choose from one of the four divisions directly on the homepage. Cascade’s corporate site also provides general company and sustainability information, as well as a section dedicated to press and media.

Cascade’s new site dedicated to its architectural division——provides comprehensive information on the architectural functions and applications of coiled wire fabric. The site includes completed projects with high-res photography, company services, and quick and easy access to Cascade’s experienced architectural representatives to request a sample or quote, ask questions, or provide details on upcoming projects. Comprised of three distinct system categories, the division includes Custom Architectural Systems, Pre-Engineered Security Gates & Screens, and Certified Blast & Projectile Protection Systems.

Cascade Industrial Safety and Security——is home to Cascade’s full line of coiled wire fabric systems for industrial settings, including material testing labs, production lines, warehouses, equipment service centers, and manufacturing facilities. Addressing two main product lines including pre-engineered and custom industrial solutions, Cascade’s new industrial site is a go-to resource for safety and facility managers. The systems it features are ideal for professionals seeking reliable, visually unobtrusive machine safety guards designed to keep employees protected against material ejections from high-powered machinery.

Cascade Zoological——covers the division of the company that provides zoo designers with durable, visually appealing animal enclosures for organizations across the globe. These sustainable, semi-transparent systems provide an open environment for the animals and uninterrupted, enjoyable views for guests.

Cascade Home Decor——encompasses the company’s high-end exterior patio dividers, shower dividers, fireplace screens, and the Airculator heat exchanger. This e-commerce site is geared toward custom home builders and luxury home owners upgrading their interior or exterior spaces with Cascade’s innovative coiled wire fabric material.

All of the new sites feature downloadable brochures and other helpful assets for specification, completed project photography, and contact forms to put customers in touch with an experienced Cascade Coil sales representative.

Cascade Coil products and systems are specifically created to deliver design and functional performance for a wide range of commercial and residential applications.

Published on
April 8, 2019