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Lighting the Way

Achieve Outstanding Lighting Effects with Fabricoil®

Coiled wire fabric is an intriguing material. Its uses span the industrial, security, home decor, zoological and architectural sectors, and designers are finding new ways to apply the material every day.

For interior, exterior and landscape architectural design, Fabricoil® coiled wire fabric has been a popular product of choice for designers. As a semi-transparent material, the interplay between the woven metal and LEDs, projected images and other artificial light sources combines architecture and art that turns heads and stimulates the senses.

Coiled Wire as a Canvas

Panels of Fabricoil serve as the canvas for projection lights to shine, and sometimes, perform.

When different colored lights with moving heads meet on a Fabricoil surface, motion and color mixing take over, an effect that is simply unattainable with solid, opaque materials. Add in layers of Fabricoil installed in a series, and the design possibilities are multiplied.

By installing light sources from several angles, one color passes through the first panel and interacts with the next, creating new tones along the way. This technique is popular for arenas, open corridors, entrances, walkways, parking garage facades and other venues where an animated and expressive atmosphere is required.

The Ceiling Treatment

When installed below or adjacent to an artificial light source, coiled wire fabric illuminates rooms with color and light.

The environment you create is determined by both the light selected as well as what finish you choose for the fabric. Both finish and original light source will affect how a space is illuminated.

For projects using standard white light, Fabricoil is still an excellent option. You can diffuse the light throughout a space such as an office while simultaneously reducing the intensity of the light. The added design touch commands attention, too. Coiled wire fabric installed on the ceiling is an attractive alternative to rows of ordinary tube lighting fixtures.

For the design of the Fabricoil material itself, gauge, weave size and how many layers of fabric you choose will impact how much light is permitted through the product.

Ceiling and wall treatments utilizing Fabricoil are popular for casinos, spas, hotel lobbies, corporate offices, convention centers, retail spaces and more.
Published on
May 13, 2020