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Maven Securities Unveils New London Office with Striking Metal Mesh Drapery

Perkins+Will selects antique brass Fabricoil coiled wire fabric for modern design touch with a nod to Broadgate's industrial heritage

As they celebrated a decade of global operations, Maven Securities proudly showcased their new office space at 155 Bishopsgate, London. Located in the heart of the historic Broadgate district, the design is a harmonious fusion of modern aesthetics with the area's industrial heritage. The imaginative design team at Perkins+Will gave a nod to Broadgate’s rich industrial past by making a significant feature of the Antique Brass Fabricoil® architectural mesh from Cascade Architectural in an office space that leans more “luxury hospitality” than it does corporate office, giving the trading and fintech firm a “home away from home” appeal–with Perkins+Will citing the location as “a modern working environment that puts socializing and hospitality at the heart” in their London Corporate Interiors 2023 review.

Manufactured to specification using 3/16” 19-gauge steel wire, these stunning panels powder-coated in an antique brass finish were installed as part of the industrial-inspired steel partition/screening application that hangs above the bar section in the office lounge where the Fabricoil metal mesh material not only performs an important screening function, but serves as a beautiful architectural element symbolizing a bridge between Broadgate's storied history and its contemporary elegance.

The choice to specify Fabricoil coiled wire fabric for this architectural metal mesh drapery application was both an aesthetic and functional decision. Perkins+Will recognizes how Fabricoil’s custom specification options present a vast array of design opportunities while ensuring efficient performance. Perkins+Will's collaboration with Cascade went beyond mere selection at 155 Bishopsgate, where together the team custom engineered a bespoke attachment system using a flat bar intricately paired with clevis fasteners and adapters to M8 rods. This synergy between Fabricoil's design versatility and the custom engineering ensured a flawless integration into the office's industrial design narrative.

Beyond it’s timelessly modern aesthetic and functional benefits, the Fabricoil architectural metal mesh was also chosen for its sustainability-friendly manufacturing processes and full recyclability at end of life, even meeting stringent “Red List Free” Declare label status ensuring that the wire material and its powder-coated finish are free from asbestos, BPA, PVC, chlorofluorocarbons, and formaldehyde which are known to not only pollute the environment and bio-accumulate contaminants in the food chain, but can reach toxic concentrations during the life of an installed product and harm building occupants.

Crafted with precision, expertly installed at 25% fullness, and integrated into the surrounding structure by the team at iLE Solutions Ltd., the 3/16” weave made from durable 19-gauge steel allows the metal mesh material to set an ambiance of openness while simultaneously serving as a functional space divider and ventilated screen in the lounge area. Steel–known for its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness–was the ideal choice for this partition. As Maven Securities embarks on its journey from this London hub, they salute and revive the industrial heartbeat of Broadgate.

[ Image details: 01 - Perkins+Will London Corporate Interiors 2023 (upscaled); 02 - iLE Solutions Ltd. (edited) ]

Published on
May 4, 2023